We are often asked why the club is called Hatton. Here’s the answer …..

The tennis section dates back to 1937 and the 2 blaes courts that were in the grounds of Hatton House (built in 1678), one of the great renaissance homes of Scotland. The annual rent for the courts was one shilling (5p) and the clubhouse was an old SMT bus. The owner at that time was William Whitelaw, grandfather of the eminent politician, whose daughters were enthusiastic players. The house unfortunately burnt down in 1952.

The club was forced to close during the Second World War but on re-opening after the war a wooden clubhouse was built, followed by a third blaes court in 1952. In 1963 Hatton became the first tennis club in Scotland to have a licensed bar.

Our first squash court was built in 1974. The second squash court and our present lounge and bar were added in 1980 replacing the old wooden clubhouse.

In 1988 one tennis court was resurfaced with artificial grass and had floodlights installed. With the help of funding from the Lottery and West Lothian District Council we were able to resurface the other two courts in 1996. A second court was floodlit in 1998.

Our present wooden chalet was erected in 2003 on the site of the original clubhouse.

We resurfaced two tennis courts in 2009 and the third in 2011 and all three again in 2020.

Our padel court was erected in 2016.