We currently have around 300 members and are always keen to welcome more. Why not get in touch to be shown round the facilities and to join in a social game?

We offer an option of two membership packages:- package 1 covers the four sports of tennis, padel tennis, squash and racketball and package 2 covers the three sports of padel tennis, squash and racketball.


To encourage family membership, large discounts are offered to children of adult members, and to children in the same family even if their parents are not members.
Subscriptions run from April 1st. Current rates are listed below. There are no entrance fees, and we can accept instalment payments to spread the load. Social membership is available for non-players at £15.

We offer reduced rates for new members joining after 1 October.

Prospective members can obtain an application form by emailing hattonsec@gmail.com.

Subscriptions for the year 1st April 2024 to 31st March 2025

Package 1 (tennis, padel tennis, squash and racketball)

  • Adult (23 or over) £250
  • Young adult (18-22) £150
    • add-ons for each child £80 aged 14-17, £52 aged 8-13, £24 under 8
  • Special rate for students £150
  • Children without adults:
    • Oldest child aged 14-17 £100, aged 8-13 £65, under 8 £30
    • add-on for each additional child in family as above

Package 2 (padel tennis, squash and racketball)

    • Adult (18 or over)
    • If you have not been a member in the last 3 years £100
    • If you have been a member in the last 3 years (23 or over) £175, (18-22) £105
    • Special rate for students £105
    • Hitting partner (can only play against juniors) £35
    • Junior (under 18)
    • £30

Clubhouse Keys

There is a deposit of £10 on each key supplied, returnable against the key when you cease to be a member. Each member may have an individual key.


Members are encouraged to bring their friends to the club as guests. They may participate in any of the sports at a charge of £5 for an adult and £2 for under 18’s. The only restriction is that no-one may play at Hatton as a guest more than six times in a year (because we naturally want regular players to become members).